Top Defensive Driving Tips for New Drivers

Defensive driving skills are a must for every driver to learn especially rookie drivers and the young generation whom are fresh the driving schools. In order to have a safe journey, defensive driving tips should be followed. Nonetheless, you don’t have to be tense when driving. Rather, One is required to be alert behind the wheel and be observant what other drivers are doing.

Don’t feel shame to drive defensively when required since it helps to prevent accidents and save lives. Learning basic rules and applying some driving habits come handy for seasoned drivers and learners too. These tips will guide you to stay unscathed on the road.

Observe traffic signs

traffic lightsBeing attentive on the road signs helps one to be aware of the speed limits, avoid making wrong turn and to follow traffic rules. Learns make wrong calculations by following other drivers on the road not knowing they too maybe breaking traffic rules.

Familiarize weather conditions

New drivers on the road are not advised to drive in challenging conditions like at night or in bad weather. It requires experience and a lot of practice to get to drive at night or rainy weather and winter. If you don’t have the courage don’t attempt driving unless it’s a bright day with the sun above the sky.

Take enough rest for a long drive

Being alert and keen on the road reduce the chances to cause an accident. Many errors result from tired drivers who can’t concentrate or use caffeinated drinks to survive. Rest is very important for long distance drives and also if possible you can exchange on the way to avoid one struggling alone.

Avoid distractions

woman drivingSome people have the bad attendance of using cellphones while driving which is very dangerous. It is recommended one to pull aside and make or receive the call. Many reported accidents are caused either texting or making calls. Moreover; listening to loud music in headphones is too risky because one ain’t alert of the surrounding and it’s possible to be carried away in thoughts.

Keep distance from other vehicles

When driving on the road drivers are to keep safe distance between other driven cars. Driving closely behind another car I dangerous since you never know when the other driver will apply emergency brakes. Keeping safe distance when driving on ice or slippery roads is recommended because the distance kept between will creat room for you to take precautions.