How To Brew The Best Beer At Home

If you have ever thought of making your own homemade beer, this is the right article for you. There are many different narratives that have been going around that the brewing process is expensive, draining and time-consuming. This is false since many have used this guide to make their beer without undergoing hassles.

Some of the main ingredients that are required in the brewing process include; malt extract, water and brewing yeast. You can also purchase a brewing kit from a store f your choice. If you are unable to buy the kit from a store, you can assemble the kit on your own with equipment that you have brought. To gain more insight on what it is required in order to make great beer at home, keep reading the right info below.

Malt Extracts

home beerMalt extracts are available in both liquid and dry forms. The liquid malt extracts are generally available in the form of a syrup. The advantage of dry extracts is that it is possible to store them longer than the liquid extracts.


A lot of water is used in the brewing process, and this happens to be an element of brewing which most people are not aware of. Although you can yield good results using tap water, it is highly recommended that you use spring water for the best results.


Yeast is an integral part in brewing your own beer. Yeast is the catalyst which triggers the fermentation process which changes the malts and the sugars into alcohol content.

The Equipment

The equipment that you will need to make your own beer, is a pot that is stainless steel, and one that can hold up to 10 quarts, a fermenter that is airtight and can hold up to seven gallons. Next is, a stopper and an airlock, and a plastic hose. You will also need a bottling bucket, dark-colored glass bottles, and a thermometer stick.

Buying a brewing kit can be of great use to you, as they will come with the ingredients that you need, with a recipe. When you make your own beer from scratch without this, you will need to buy the ingredients and the recipe as well. When you have everything, you will need to sterilize your equipment.

The Process

beerWhen you start to make your own beer, you begin by steaming the water. Remove the heat and add your ingredients that are according to the recipe. The ingredients need to be dissolved properly, so stir the pot for about 15 minutes. Once everything has dissolved put a lid on the pot, and place it on a low heat for about 10 minutes.

Next step to follow to make your own beer is to put cold water into the fermenter, and then mix it in with the hot water. Mix it in well and once the fermenter is cold, put yeast into the mix. Once you put in the yeast, put the stopper and airlock on your ferment and leave it there for about 4 days. This is a must when you make your own beer.

Bottling and Fermenting

On the fourth day look in the airlock to see if there are bubbles. Check on daily until the bubbles disappear. When you make your own beer you need to leave it there for five days. Once this process has finished, place the beer into the bottles, the fermenter needs to be at a higher temperature than the bottling bucket.

The yeast needs to complete its process to make your own beer. You may need to wait a couple of weeks before you sample any product. Always test until you are happy with your beer. When you make your own beer patience is required.…

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